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Pin outs or wireing info for the Automatic cliamte control system.

After much research into the issue I ran into when my car overheated it looks like part of of the AUtomatic Cliamte control system failed.

For those that missed the original thread the water pump bypass hose ruptured while I was on the Freeway. And the car overheated while I was pulling over. I had turned the interior heater on to full and when I did so the blower fan kicked into high then stopped all together.

I can hear my interior blower fan running at low speed but under no circumstances will it run any faster, since the car over heated.

My fealings are either part of the PBC (push button controler) Fried or there is an issue with the resister pack on the Blower Fan.

Does anyone know the wireing pin out for the Climate control system so I can try and by pass it and manualy kick the blower fan into mid and high range to test if its a Controler issue or resister pack issue?

Or does anyone know how I can manualy bypass the controls for the blower fan?

BTW this is for a 1990 300e 2.6

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