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that 72 350sl

thank you steve and don for your replies.

i did check compression and that was @ 130 (i did this cold and with the other plugs in as i went along). plugs had a bit of soot but not bad at all.

as i am figuring out all the manuals i have as a guide it still seems to boil down to just an old wiring system with an increased resistance. i'm finding wiring that is shedding the insulation. i found the 3 connector block by the battery on the mounting stand for the radiator tank 2 of the screws refuse to come loose. i've used special screw extrators and they just cut the screw without loosening. on terminal #16 the screw isn't even tighten down looks like some else has had a problem here with the ring terminals of the wire just loosley sitting on the screw.

up to this point i am finding the 2 resistors running about twice the resistence listed. the silver .6 is running about 1.2 the blue .4 is running .9 to 1.0. i've replaced several sections of wiring that the insulation just crumbled apart.

1 question i would pose is regarding the resistors it doesn't seem like much of a difference but is it enough to replace them?

i'm going to clean this "age" problem up just for GP.

i see in the haynes book there are several items listed under hard or not starting. "various valves being defective" unfortunately they say what's possibly wrong but point in no direction of what to do.

when i get home tonite i'll post what those items are. i still seem to be having a bit of a problem identifying some locations of these items and their descriptions. i might post a few fotos of some of the items in question.

i will check the actual fuel pressure tonite at the fuel ring. i think that's what it's called. i know fuel is being pumped but i'm sure not at the pressure required.

the symptoms still show just a weak spark. so i've got juice to the plugs just a very weak one. i know fuel is being pumped to the injectors but the old 4.5 won't even offer a cough with starter fluid.

i'm wide open to suggestions.

thanks guys
Thanks Much!

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