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I ordered some new rotors for my '92 400E. So... I replace the front pads, and then take off the old rotor, and but on the new one. Thinking everything is fine, I try to put the caliper back on the new rotor, only to find out that it wont fit the rotor I ordered.

So, what's the deal? I figured out that only the '93 rotors will fit the front of my car. Anyone know why this is? I know my 400E was manufactured in March of '92 which is late... maybe they changed the sized before the actual '93 model. I asked my mechanic, and he didn't know. Anyway, just looking to see if anyone ran into this problem before, and why it is like this. Thanks!

1992 400E Emerald Green
1984 BMW 533i Charcoal Grey
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