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E430 Electrical woes- HELP!

I need someone to tell me this won't be expensive!!

My wife takes the 99 E430 to the store, all is well. She returns in 5 minutes, the car won't crank, the radio reads "code". I arrive, connect the cables, and let the bat. charge for a few minutes, and we get a click, nothing else. Out comes the seat cushion, in goes a new battery, the car starts right up. Shut off, replace cushion, restart, and all the abs lights are on, BAS in center of display. after a few moments, these extinguish, it seems all is well. On arriving home, I attempt to shut the windows and sunroof- no way! The rear windows will go down, but they too will not go up. It's 10:00 pm, so I'm done for the day.

Please tell me I'm looking at a circuit breaker or something simple, and not some mega dollar relay that will take 2 days to diagnose!!

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