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Now, for a problem I had just b4 the tranny failed.

The car seemed to run OK when cold, very rich when warm.

Mileage went down from 420+km per tank to 260+km per tank!

When warm, the car hesitates off the line (crawls for 10 - 15m at full throttle before taking off like a slingshot) and leaves a trail of black smoke in it's wake.

My car doesn't have a cat and therefore, no O2 sensor.

I asked my indie to check out this problem when I had the tranny rebuilt.

When he had finished, I test drove the car and it seemed OK.

No hesitation when warm and no black smoke.I will have to check the fuel mileage when I finish this tank to know if it has improved.

When I asked him what he had done, he simply said "I adjusted the mixture as best as I could".And at no charge.Hmm.....

However, he made a comment that my fuel distributor was going bad, causing the symptoms I faced (doesn't seem like it to me).

Anyway, I paid him th 1500 bucks and I left.

Only then I realise that I had been driving in S mode.When I shifted back to E, there was still hesitation off the line but very, very mild.

So it looks to me that the indie has probably masked the real problem by adjusting the mixture manually (in the tower).

I would like to use my digital MM to take current readings from the EHA to verify this and I don't have the MB harness.

Can I connect the MM in series with any one of the two connections on the EHA and read off the current value?

Does it make any difference which of the two connections I use and also in which direction of current flow should I be measuring (red or black lead on EHA side)?

Thanks in advance.

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