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Hit and Run

So, today I went to an office building here in Dallas to take care of some personal business. I had to go to about the 12th floor where I was waited for about 15 minutes while an older man and his wife chatted with the two employees there about their IRA.

I finished my business within about 30 minutes and on my way out stopped to say hello to the security guards. They said, "Hey man, what kind of car you drive?" I said Mercedes. They said "Black Convertible?" I said yeah. They said "Man, somebody just pulled into a parking spot and hit your car." I could feel the blood rushing out of my head. It felt the same as when I was a kid and somebody brought that stuff called "Rush" to school and you sniffed it. It must have killed brain cells.

So it just so happens this courier outside the building was waiting in his 82 300D. He got the womans license plate and car type and color. Gave it to me and the security guards called the cops (Addison Police. They drive BMW 1100 motorcycles!) The officer comes and takes a report. Says he'll trace the plates and call me. The courier is my new hero.

I imagine the damage will be around $1,500. She nailed the driver's rear corner. Got out of the car to see what damage she had done, got back in and hauled ass. Crunched up all three pieces of the bumper. A little paint smear between the taillight and the bumper, but I think it will polish out. My perfect car isn't anymore!

Anybody else have any idea what a new bumper plus intallation will run? I sure hope they locate the driver. I am not interested in pressing charges, but hit and run like this is a Class B misdemeanor according to the cop. My insurance will have to pay the repairs, less the $250 I'll have to pay if they don't find her.

The last wreck I had was also the fault of an uninsured motorist. Knocked me off the road going about 75 and trying to cut in front of me to make an exit. That was about 6 or 8 years ago. I'll try to get pictures and will continue the story as it progresses.
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