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ACtually, it's a 12-point driver, sometimes called a "triple square" driver.

I had my brother ream out the end of the torque strut to use the old bolt, I couldn't get the rotor off, stuck like I've never seen, and with the backing plate in place, I couldn't get the new bolt in the hole on the wheel carrier.

I wish I'd known of the kit, I suspect I will be replacing all of the links eventually.

I also wish parts suppliers would use the MB name for things, it's not like it's something top secret, and the names of the parts are common, it's not really necesary to invent something new (unless someone patented or copyrighted the names).

You must hold the wheel carrier level when doing final tightening because the steel sleeve is clamped in place by the bolt on both ends of the link. If you tighten up with the suspension down, you will probaly over-stress the rubber bushing, and it will fail rapidly.

I will take the entire rear subframe out to do the the rest of the links on the 300D -- it needs new diff mounts and subframe mounts anyway, and I will have clearance to use air tools with the subframe out. Shoudl save a couple hours time on the torque strut inner bolt alone!

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