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Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Shimmy Question -

Anyone have any experience with these?

I am trying to help a single mom next-door neighbor with her 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It is an automatic with 4-wheel drive.

At about 40 MPH the front end starts to shimmy and it gets worse the faster she drives. It has about 147k on it. She's had it to several indies but they all don't have a clue. They keep telling her to get rid of it.

I looked briefly at the front end tonight and I did see a steering dampener. We discussed that it could easily be that part although it does look dry. I suppose testing it would be the same as with a MBZ and detach on side and see if it has any dampening left in it.

Any other ideas on this rig? It would be great if we could help her out and solve this.

Thanks in advance,

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