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After indie techie's "adjustment",

car does not seem to smoke at all on acceleration.

Standing start no hesitation in S mode, VERY SLIGHT hesitation in E mode.

Fuel consumption - still early to say as I just topped off the tank last night.I have only done 40km but the needle is still on the full mark.It seems promising coz prior to this, 40km was already 1/8 of the tank!Will know soon enough.

Also, prior to this "rich" problem, my car ALWAYS idled at 2.5 on the oil pressure gauge and went to 3 on accel.

Now, it idles at 2.So I know the problem is still there but has been masked presumably by leaning the mixture manually.

So I am now interested to check the EHA current (and later the duty cycle when I get my hands on another MM) to confirm my suspicions and set things right, if I can.

Your thoughts, please.

Thanks for being very helpful.
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