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All these reliability issues and JD Power listings make me wonder if MB has a seperate production and assembly line for US market only, which lacks traditional MB quality control systems yet manufactures more profitable cars filled with lots of toys. We hear no such problems about MB products (except the A and ML-klasse), the quality is still top notch far beyond BMW and Audi, Toyota-Honda-Nissan being no competetion. Maybe they are not as solid as they were 15 years ago but also consider the number of electronics and amenities today. Think of a W124 with the standard equipment and restraint systems of today's W211, the price would be incredible, but again how would you compete with the Japanese copycats? I find the US market responsible for the current situation because their style of car ownership mainly influenced the manufacturers to make inexpensive cars filled with options and V8's.

2003 W211 E200 Kompressor--- roughly 75000 euro with all options, price in Turkey.

2003 W211 E500--- roughly 65000 USD with similar options, price in the US.
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