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it is worth it

I have to say that I never had so much fun driving a car as I do when I drive my 1995 E320. I am willing to fix the evaporator core, the wiring harness, the head gasket, or anything else that breaks, just so that I can keep driving this marvelous car. I think this car is an almost perfect driving machine. I figure that even if it costs a lot to fix it when it breaks, it will still cost less than making payments on a new, but lesser car. In fact, even if it costs more, it will be worth it to keep this car.
I just couldn't give up on my 1995 E320.

I think it might be like always going back to that same bad relationship with an ex girlfriend.
You feel you love them too much, or you are just too stupid to know any better.

Flickr slideshow of my 1995 E320
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