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Well, my '87 560SEL has 339k miles on it. 420 is really the same car withslightly smaller displacement motor. Life on them seems to be related to frequency of fluid changes. Mine had regular changes on just about every liquid or semi-liquid in it. I'm only the third owner. Chain w/guides and valve seals seem to be the only thing beyond regular tune-up stuff. I have heard that the head gaskets can develop slight oil leaks. General practice is just to live with the leak as it is very small. Transmissions aren't cheap, but not unreasonable either. Once again, fluid changes seem to have a hugh effect on long life. Nitrogen cells on the rear suspension will go bad and give bad ride. Just replace them when they die. Look for rust in the usual places. Don't pay too much. The prices are coming down on these cars. Bad for sellers, but great for buyers as you can drive a really fine car for not much money if you are willing to do a bit of maintenance.
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