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Electrical quiz for my MB friends.

Dear friends:

1) If you take a look at multimeters, you will notice that most of them only support a maximum of 1mA to 10A for DC, and 1A to 1000A for AC, even though they support voltage range of 1V to 1000V for both DC and AC. The question is: If multimeters can only handle low current (A) loads for DC, why it can handle much larger loads for AC ?

Diesel afficionados have always wanted a multimeter that can handle at least 30 A for DC so that they can efficiently test their glow plugs easily (measuring resistance only is not deterministic of a actual condition of a glow plug). Unfortunately, such multimeters are very expensive (high end Flukes...)

2) What are the proper terms to describe the opposition to a DC current and an AC current? Do they use the same unit?

Good Luck :-)

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