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karp, I was aware of the "analyzed car". My views were expressed in accordance with ksing44 and with the overall topic of MB quality and reliabililty. Ownership of any car comes with it's ups and downs. J.D. Powers may be the self proclaimed expert of vehicle ownership surveys, but in the real world there will be 97 E320's with absolutely no problems and ones like yours. I hate to see MB get a bad rap in well known surveys like J.D.'s, but all can't be wrong.

Everyone has brought up good points as to why MB is losing ground in this survey, but when the time comes to replace their worn out Benz's, how many will actually buy a Honda or Lexus? They might score at the top of J.D. Powers, but they're about as generic (and fun to drive) as a household refrigerator. And yes, I've owned both. They are great cars, BUT, you get the honor of parking on side of one wherever you go and you lose the uniqueness of a MB. Now is that why we're all here and current MB owners?
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