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bring them on

Originally posted by dkarp

The closest to the Cadillac, meaning to a boat was the E420, it could not even come close in road behavior to the A8 or the Bimmer.
I don't think my car ever qualified as a "boat", but I did feel the need to tighten it up with the Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, and +1 wheel and tire package. It definitely isn't a boat now and I am pretty sure my car is at least on par with any of the cars you mentioned. In addition, as I remember, the E320s were always praised for their perfect balance between comfort, quiet, and performance in reviews that raved about the cars.
I just couldn't give up on my 1995 E320.

I think it might be like always going back to that same bad relationship with an ex girlfriend.
You feel you love them too much, or you are just too stupid to know any better.

Flickr slideshow of my 1995 E320
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