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jetforman, you talk about how it looks like owning a Mercedes, and I am talking about road behaviour and reliability, I gave you 2 german cars, both better than the E320. The W124 was a real Mercedes Benz and it was in production for many, many years.

The W210 had a beautiful and unique body design but was plagued since birth, see number of "updates" and/or "upgrades" they did with almost every part of it and it is out and replaced after 7 years.
Every second '96 or '97 had to have an "udated" head gasket replaced, almost every E-class has a vibrating steering wheel, almost every E-class had to have an "updated" AC compressor and switches replaced, the blower motor and the controller were not fitted so one had to replace both with the "updated" version, the coolant sensor and the washer fluid sensor on most of the M and E-class had to be "updated", the air intake is whisteling and on and on.
Why not the S-class, why not the C-class ???
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