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Randy L
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Opinion On Century Warranty Services

Hello All,
I was contacted by this secondary warranty service and was offered a plan to cover my C220 against mechanical breakdowns. It looks VERY comprehensive and practically covers the car bumper-bumper. By the looks of it, the only thing it doesn't cover is the routine changing of fluids, brake pads, and belts. It will even replace fluids, belts, and pads if a malfunction causes the fluid to leak out or damages them. It has coverage to pay for diagnostics as well. Also there is a $75 towing coverage and travel breakdown coverage for food & lodging if you are over 100 miles from home for $75/day or $375 per occurrence.
The deductible is $100 per per incident, however, if the SAME item breaks down again, during the life of the contract, there will no further deductible.
All this for a WHOPPING $2229.96 for 2 years or 24,000 miles!
Considering that I have a 1996 C220 with 75,000 miles, I wonder if this will benefit me since some MB repairs can get pretty expensive (like the transmission). But then again, I baby my car and am trying to keep it's mileage below 6000 miles per year. However, I'm not sure what parts will typically fail on the car by 100,000 miles. Maybe Miss Clio can tell me what will break on my car. LOL. (NOT!) I'll typically do all the minor repairs that I can myself (as I do for my other cars) so to me the price seems kind of steep (every 2 years!!).
Does anyone have any experience with this company, Century Warranty Services, Inc., out of Jacksonville Florida?
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