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One thing I am wondering is how these Japanese car makers are able to make a more reliable car AND a cheaper car. I went on the MB website and the Lexus and Infiniti websites, and all comparable models were thousands, sometimes tens of thousands cheaper on the Jap side. Also, many fully optioned Jap models were cheaper than the base model MB counterparts. For example, the GS300 ranges from about 39 to 43 grand. The base E320 (W211) starts at 47 grand.

I agree, these Jap cars are about as exciting as a refridgerator, they're "just a car"...nothing more. I am still intrigued, however, how they can make a more reliable car much much cheaper. On the same token, you can't blame the average Joe for choosing one of these Jap cars for the same reasons.

Anyone care to enlighten me?
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