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As I was writing my last post, a few more came up and I want to comment on the whole issue of the 124 being a boat. I have a 126, and if the 124 is classified as a boat, mine is sure as hell also a boat.

Here's my point: The majority of MBs, most notably older ones, were not built to fly around skidpads, apexes and hairpins. This is the same as knocking a 911 for it's poor off road abilities or these Hummer H2 owners crying about poor fuel sh**, right??

When's the last time you heard, "Hey honey, I'm gonna take the ol' S-Class out today and hit a few curves in the canyon, be back in a couple hours."????

There's nothin wrong with throwing a set of springs and shocks on a Benz to tighten things up a little, but please keep in mind what this car (or any other car) was designed and built to do and keep your critisicms within those parameters.
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