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Have you driven the W220? In 500 or above form it would take a very serious driver in a 911 to shake the giant sedan.

S55 baby!

I think we set a record from the training center to the airport in one of those.

Personally I think the c220 (202) is the most reliable thing ma benz has bolted wheels in in several years but, I've not seen all these "problems" with the 210 cars ya'll are refering to. Shaking steering wheels and such. 104 engines leak, deal with it, better than rebuilding every 120K cause the thing gummed up and started useing oil like a fiend. (read early 112's and that beautiful v6 of toyotas) As far as 210 handlin' is concerned, which one is more forgiving? The 740i or the e430? I get the feeling recovering a 210 car would be easier than saving the 740 in a slide. (I've driven both, yep the 210 has a lot of body roll but, plenty of grunt in reserve) Ma Benz has a problem, period, if they address it, cool, if they dont, god help us when the 203's and 211's start falling out of warrenty.

My personal favorite benz's are the 124 wagons and the v8 140 cars. Ok, so the 140's eat evaps like tic-tacs, so what, its a small repair bill by percentage of the original cost of the car. Plus if I really hump I can have one in in time for lunch. I've been a dealer tech on Mazda, Toyota, VW, Buick and Benz. Personally I think the problems benz has aren't all that bad compared to the issues of the other manufacters. (lesee, 4 cly 626 autos dropping like flies, just out of warrenty, try swallowing a 3k repair on a 20k car, earlier v6 camrys knocking right off the truck, every ECC V 4 cly 626 with P0421 codes, constantly, 3rd gen RX7's killing motors in 80k, 2nd gen camrys with 30 amp a/c clutch draws, ever put a water pump on a LS400?, 3800 v6 buicks eating alternators like a junkie on crack, and the list goes on....... 4 figure repair bills on cars with MSRP's under 25K! ....rant off)

Comparing a Benz to a lexus is like comparing a Echo to a camry, other than both being cars, there are little to no simularitys. Comparing a BMW to a Lexus is the same deal. Its all about driving what you want and what you can afford! Period, and I've found most people can't afford a benz.

Ok, sorry about the rant but, god it chaps my ass when people make these lame comparisons.

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