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Yeah, I don't really want to sound litigious on this BB, but I'm ready to put her in front of a firing squad. I have her name and address. Got it today from a buddy at the MB dealer and also the insurance company. The insurance company is trying to locate her now. I'll know more in a few days. If they don't find her, you can bet I'll be paying a visit. It will not be a friendly one.

Unfortunately I don't get the feeling the insurance company is going to go after them real hard. You can't get blood from a turnip, and this country bumpkin bought this car for $3,000 from some "D paper" car lot and borrowed the money. Probably paying an interest rate equal to usury minus .05 percent. She will be required to have insurance on it by the lender as well as the State of Texas, but I bet that lapsed, too. The registration expired in May and hasn't been renewed. Poverty is cruel.
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