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I must say this:this study is only for a 3 year period.Let's see what happens to the gmc and others in say 12years.That's when you begin to see the true genius in the benzes.Mercedes cars in germany do not have these problems as the US cars(I know this for a fact).The simple reason is that some of these new mercedes are made in the US,for the U.S market,e.g the ML.To balance out the price war in light of the new computer components experimental(but cheaper) materials are used off the factory floor in the U.S.As you replace these components your car will eventually outlast most others.It is ridiculous to think that other chrysler cars will rate higer than a mercedes in the long run just b/cos of a 3yr study.The truth is that when mercedes merged with chrysler ,mercedes cars built in the U.S had to be built using American auto manufacturing proccedures already in place which was a wide variance from the proccess in Germany.This was done b/cos of complicated bussiness guidlines of the merger.
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