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I received the materials from Viper300E and replaced the blower motor a couple weeks ago. Followed the written instructions and took pictures along the way. My pictures are not the greatest, but I guess they help to get the point across. I also have a few amplifying remarks to make the instruction set clearer.

Hopefully I can find time to put this together this weekend and post a link.

The hardest part of the job for me was the removal of the "squirrel cage" fans on either side of the old motor and installing them on the new motor. No way you're going to do that by hand. I had to bend a special fixture out of bar steel and use a 12-ton shop press.

The actual disassembly and access to the blower motor is simple and can be done with normal hand tools. But you will be better off with some tips on exactly how things come apart so you don't break anything.

The car sure is more of a pleasure to drive now........

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