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I have a 203, similar engine to your car, I think only the intake is different.
I did my own oil change, and it is easy! No Mercedes dipstick was needed, I tried going to the dealer to buy a dipstick, but they tried to sell me the wrong device- realised this after going home and doing some research- and they stipulated that this wrong - expensive, I think it was for the transmission- dipstick couldn't be returned if used.
I used a topsider to suck out most of the oil, did this while the car was on my ramps and also drained from the sump, the sump drain plug is at the rear so when on ramps it really drains out all the old oil.
Then I filled with fresh Mobil 1 0W40, the exact amount listed in the Owner's Manual then used the dash display to check oil level- which I actually preferred. I knew I could use the topsider to suck out any oil if overfilled.
The oil tube cap was reusable, I had purchased a new cap just in case.
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