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Originally posted by 95E320cab
Yeah, I don't really want to sound litigious on this BB...
Why not? The law is your best friend unless you're on the wrong side! Look up your state laws regarding leaving the scene of an accident and the associated penalties, get your estimate, and send her a letter. Be explicitly clear that you have witnesses, you can prove she did it, you want $xxxx, plus $5 for a sandwich, or else these things (outline of the law and penalties) will happen. Give her no more than 72 hours. No phone calls, no financing, certified funds - or else. If you don't hear from her, file the case. When you talk to the prosecutor (many months later), ask about the possibility of court ordered reparations. You would be surprised at what you can do. I had a guy steal $5,000 from my business. I knew I could prove it, even though no one saw him. I called him into my office on a Friday, told him so, and gave him until Monday to pay me back - or else. He denied it, I filed the case. He was poor, too. Poor in litigation = public defender. That's a good thing. The charge was an A Felony. After a few meetings between all of us, the prosecutor asked me if it was acceptable to me for him to plead guilty to a C felony, with 3-years probation as the sentence, contingent upon his paying me back $xxx per month. When the $5,000 is paid back, his probation ends. I am still getting a check every month. Most people would have just dropped this, but it was a matter of principle to me and I drove my point home.

Originally posted by 95E320cab
You can't get blood from a turnip...
True, but you can grind it up until it looks like you did.

Originally posted by 95E320cab
Poverty is cruel.
Poverty is the manifestation of socialism interfering with natural selection - it isn't cruel, it just is.

I apologize if this is coarse, but the hit and run scenario makes me crazy, it's happened to me twice but with no witnesses or recourse (not to my MB). It's the ultimate denial of responsibility and the epitome of cowardice. Some people have to be taught their lessons and sometimes you have to be the teacher.
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