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Unhappy Lights Out!

Does anyone know if the center console, door window switch lights, and sun roof switch lights are all connected to the dimmer switch on a '93 400E?

As of last night when my husband left to come home from work the instrument panel, center console, window switch light on rear doors, as well as the sunroof switch light are not functioning.

The interior lights in the bottom of the doors and on the roof work though.

I've spent the evening reading through the threads and my conclusion would be the dimmer switch is broken. But since the switches aren't lighting up on the back doors or in the center console I didn't know if this pointed to something else. Oh, all of the fuses have been checked and changed!

If it is the dimmer switch can someone confirm that on the 400E that the speedometer cable doesn't have to be disconnected when removing the instrument cluster? (I read this in one of the threads) Also, does anyone know if the dimmer switch on 400E has to be soldered in, as suggested on some cars, or is it the small circuit board style?
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