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MBTJC, the reason for the difference in price of cars that you mentioned could be due to the possibility that Toyota has a higher production volume. The more examples of something that are produced the cheaper it becomes to produce therefore passing the savings down to the consumer.

TKAMIYA, you mentioned that toyota doesn't sell a mid-size sedan for around th 50 grand mark. Lexus is owned by toyota. Th es 300 is camry that has just a few more goodies than a camry. Correct me if I am wrong but the Toyota Avalon looks alot llike an LS430 in size and design aspects how much is an Avalon how much is the LS. The only reason I gave these examples to bring up the fact, or at least in my opinion if you share the chasis and many other parts of a car between two nameplates(Toyota and Lexus) and there is a considerable in price doesn't that mean you might be overpaying for a Lexus when all you might be getting is a over priced toyota. I am no way saying that the Lexus is a bad car. In my opinion my 2002 S430 with AMG kit and wheels is the best car ever, I love it.

Also on 7-7-03 my first child was born at 6:01 p.m.
Now my Wife and I have a wonderful baby boy.

For everyone that thinks an S-class is plowing pig of a car, my 430 has bitten many sportscar drivers in th rear bumper and left them eating my dust. And no not everyone is a Mercedes enthusiast, but we must remeber they have a right to have the newest car with all the gadgets. And for everybody who thinks it is stupid of these people to dump their cars every three years, just remember they were the ones who felt that losing all that money to depreciaction was worth it to them, because they made themselves content with having what they wanted. If those guys didn't get rid of those cars and take that hit then those people who buy used wouldn't save all that money. OK I have been up for 3 days straight now and I am no longer making any sense to myself with what I am typing. I go sleep now.
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