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100% Correct

You are 100% correct. Anyone will tell you that a burnt valve in this engine comes along NEVER in this engine.

The mechanic claims that when he took it apart, the tiny little caps on the top of the valves were different sizes. Two of these (name) were thinner than the other 6. He claims that someone was in the engine before and something happened? and they put these thinner caps(?) on the top of these two valves to get performance rather than doing a complete valve job.

I have no clue as to what that could be and therefore I am at a complete loss as to what is going on. For all I know its supposed to be that way?

At any rate, the explanation of what is going on here is beyond my comprehension. I'm telling you with all sincerity that this car was driven close to 100 miles per day at hiway speeds, it never missed a beat, Power was awesome, idle was dead on at 500 RPM and never moved. You could barely hear the engine run. Since they replaced the valve seals about two years ago, never any oil consumption. No noise from the chain, just a small amount at start up for less than an instant.

The chain was replaced due to mileage (124K) as preventative maintenance. This is what they are telling me:
They started up the car and a terrible racket ensued. they shut it down and they pulled the Head on the passenger side and noticed that the valves were out of line two were higher than all of the rest. They claim the valves were not bent? They claim that they had seated themselves in the head too deeply and that when they disturbed the chain and reassembled this caused the damage. He still swears that the valves were not bent. I'm going to the machine shop today to verify that. The valves had carbon deposits on 5 out of 8 valves and the very front valve looked perfect with the exception of the beige ceramic finish on it. With the naked eye the tops of the pistons are tan as well and the sleeve looks perfect. It sounds as if his claim is that the car may have been running lean and that the valve work was done sometime ago and that someone screwed around with those caps I mentioned.

My point is : How can the car run so well and then come up with all of these problems on a chain replacement?

Is he BS'ing me to get paid for the work, did he make a mistake, did someone go in there before and make a change to sell the car? Its beyond my comprehension.

All comments welcome!
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