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I am leaving for a 17 hour drive for a funeral in a few minutes in my 560 sel with 180K miles on it. I had the timing chain replaced 2 years ago - on spec - but did not do the upper chain guides or tensioner. I had the parts and was going to do it myself - then the funeral changed the timeline for repair for me. I contacted the Mercedes dealer here and got a firm quote of 3 hours to change the upper guides and tensioner - max price of $350 CDN. using my parts. I took the car in on Tuesday at 8AM. The "new" guy got the job. To make a long story short - I watched most of the time as he stumbled and got help from an experienced tech. He finished the job at 6PM. They honored the firm price of $350 for labor even though the "newbie" took 2 1/2 times longer to do the job. I usually do my own repair work and know how this car should perform. When I got home the idle was rough and lumpy. After inspecting everything I found he forgot to hook up 2 vacuum lines and he broke one in half. 15 min later the car was running great again. I mention this for a reason - if the guys at your indy are giving you the gears to cover up shoddy workmanship - it may be worth your while to pay a Mercedes dealership tech - who knows these motors - to go there and survey the situation and give you a written opinion as to what he thinks really happened. - You might need an expert witness if the dealership you are at now decides not to be nice and you are forced to take legal action. Also the opinions of Steve, as posted above, and other experienced Mercedes Indies should be kept until your shop's "judgement day" - when they give you their "final" price for the work. They could prove helpful in making your point. Just my comment.
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