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Unhappy Irratic Starter opperation

I need some advice or suggestions as to where to look for this solution. I have a 1982 300 D Turbo, which developed a starter problem. I had replaced the starter last winter, car has been unused for 2 years. I brought it out two weeks ago and started driving it again. When I shut off the car sometimes the key, ignition switch, will energize the starter and sometimes it will not. When not the key turns and I hear a relay type sound but starter does not engage. I have found that if I open the junction box mounted to fender by battery with two large screws and one smaller screw, and jump from the smaller screw to either of the larger screws the started energizes and starts the car. I replaced the ignition switch last night thinking it was the problem but the condition still exists. Sometimes it energizes sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a relay between the ignition switch and this junction box, which may be causing this problem? I would appreciate any help on this I can obtain. Also, sorry it is so long. Thank you.
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