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Angry Need help! How to access stripped fan hex nut?

I am in the midst of replacing the serpentine belt tensioner on my 1992 300TE 4Matic wagon, (for the first time). Before I began the job, a mechanic told me the fan hex nut was stripped, which I have confirmed, so I removed the radiator and shroud, to gain access. But having now done so, I realize that due to the air conditioning unit, (looks like a thin radiator with metal tubes running through it?), and two auxillary fans, there still isn't sufficient space to fit a drill in their to remove the stripped bolt. Am I correct in assuming that these items have to be removed, (or pushed aside?), and if so, what is the procedure - can I do it or is that a professional job only? I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to A/C and I can' find anything regarding removal in the 124 repair CD other than job # 83-560 which pertains only to the removal of the auxillary fans. Am I stuck, or do I have any options? What are the dangers, if any, to merely unscrewing the nuts and removing the whole unit? Thanks in advance!

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