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Tkamiya: E class is more along the lines in category of the GS models. Now my next point I am noty completely sure of but I have a friend that sold Lexus cars for a few years, now he sells benz even he told me that benz is a longer lasting carand that people in many cases spent more money on service of a lexus than mercedes when compared to how much the car cost. I would like to know if we compare a standard S430 to a Ls 430, how much a price difference would there be. I am sorry to hear that so many of your friends are unsatisfied with their benzes. Just out of curiosity how many of them had personal experience with an MB prior to the current vehicle. Personally, I have noticed that the car market has changed dramatically. Back in the day you could find a car you liked and could accomodate your needs in almost any price range, now days it seems that if you want a car to accomodate your needs either you are coming out pocket like crazy, or your buying an SUV. The funny thing is I have three vehicles all which serve a specific need. Out of all three one is a true necessity, because my oldest vehicle which is 18 yrs old pays for both of my vehicles which were bought this year . BTW the old timer is a dodge cargo van, go figure.

Let us all remember that everyone here is entitled to their opinion. Can't we all just get along! Remember we don't have to like someones opinion, but they still have aright to it!
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