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I was going on advice from John Olson, editor of "SL Market Letter" and author of two text books on the history of Mercedes Benz and of the "SL". Oddly, the local yokel at MB advised me AGAINST replacing the rails when I had them replace the timing chain because he said the rails should easily last until I need the next timing chain. Shows you what THEY know... The report on the valve timing, at the time I replaced the chain the first time was that timing was 7 degrees out on the right side of the engine. It also made a loud valve noise-like noise when I started it in the morning and that went away after the timing chain was replaced (until the LOUD noise when the chain jump occurred!). I tend to be quite conservative about service. I'd rather spend $500 now than $5000 later. I also change my oil every 2000 miles.
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