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I wish my W124 approached Technical perfection; I would have kept it for many years to come.

Technical Perfection would include perfection in design and manufacturing. It follows that a technically perfect car would also have ease of ownership, along with anything else you may think of like ride, handling, comfort, durability, reliability etc. Well designed components do not fail easily!!

I am a mechanical engineer and one can design anything but unless it is manufactured to the design specifications, it will not function like it is supposed to. I always thought that MB's were designed like no other car. With fewer budgetary constraints, it would have been easier for MB design teams to avoid compromises and strive towards perfection and excellence.

Toyota builds economical, reliable and dependable cars. US manufacturers build large inexpensive car, loaded with features. MB is a status symbol around the world and many world leaders use it as the official car but as far as engineering excellence is concerned, MB has not achieved it.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I have not found MB to be technically too different from other cars. I see the same design compromises to make the product more economical as the other manufacturers. MB does seem to introduce new technologies, without extensive testing which is not a good engineering practice.
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