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Gilly, original poster here: I have removed the radiator and have looked at the allen bolt, which as you know is recessed, with a mirror and flashlight. The allen head actually doesn't look completely rounded inside, but when I fit the 8mm allen bit in and move the ratchet counter-clockwise, it does feel like it is slipping past each notch as it's turned. I do not have that special tool you mentioned. Do I really need it? Can't I just hold the fan blade with my free hand, or is there some internal clutch that spins even when the fan blades are still and needs to be held in place? If so, where is the tool inserted and can some makeshift thing be used instead? The mechanic I took the car to was new to me, but they supposedly do a lot of work on MB. Thanks for your and everyone's help and suggestions to get this problem licked!!
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