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Originally posted by inspector1, in reponse to
95E320cab's statement "Yeah, I don't really want to sound litigious on this BB, but I'm ready to put her in front of a firing squad.

For a dent in a piece of friggin metal, Man, I have never heard so many arrogant, self centered *****heads as are on this BB
Are you kidding me? You took the firing squad comment literally? There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and not letting people walk on you.

Main Entry: figure of speech
Date: 1824
: a form of expression (as a simile or metaphor) used to convey meaning or heighten effect often by comparing or identifying one thing with another that has a meaning or connotation familiar to the reader or listener

Originally posted by inspector1 Man, I have never heard so many arrogant, self centered *****heads as are on this BB.
On the contrary, I've never experienced so many selfless people helping out other people simply for the sake of helping them out. That, my friend, is what it's all about. These people take time out of every one of their days to check in here and help out - for nothing. Not to mention the hosts who pay for all of this! Of the 12,000+ people registered, how many are busy buying parts from Fastlane? You're way off the mark. Maybe we could ask the moderators to stop forcing you to log in and participate if you really feel this way.

Originally posted by inspector1 No wonder so many poor, stupid HARD WORKING people hate Benz drivers, most of you are as I stated above.
Yeah, me and my fancy 21 year old brown car. At the risk of being shunned by the majority elitist party on this board, I'll tell you I break and work 2,000lb horses for a living. I work in the dirt! I've been through more fences than you've been over. I've had hoof sponsored flights across my yard, and I wasn't up long enough for the beverage service! I've been snagged in my lariat, snatched off my own horse and taken for a drag by another - more than once (you'd think I'd figure that one out - I'm working on it.) I've got 9 here at home, and 6 more downtown alongside 25 employess who give tours downtown all day, and I'd choose my CJ7 over my MB if I was forced to make a choice. Between taking care of the horses here and downtown, managing every aspect of my business, and being successful doing it - I am working hard. I take 100% responsibility for everything I am charged with. To hell with anyone denting any of my friggin metal and not taking responsibility for it. Thus, I can, and will, completely empathize with 95E320cab and his hit and run incident as in my previous posts. And I will make my attempt to motivate 95E320cab to pursue justice, for the sake of all of us who have been a victim of this crime. And I will respect the differing opinions of everyone on this board, while appreciating their quirks/oddities/differences with a smile , as we all have our own, all the while reserving judgment. (The delicate way P E H beats around the bush on issues has made my day more than once!) And most of all, I will respect and appreciate the hosts of this site for making all of this possible - what a resource!

But, I will respectfully reserve comment on the whole "anarchy" development...
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