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Post m103 cutting out

Recently my 300E has started to cut out (but not stall) when i am driving and intermitantly surge when idling. This occurs regardless of air temp but normally when the engine is over 80 degress celcius. I have disconnected the idle air slide and the problem dissapears. Last night i fitted an air slide from another vehicle and although the problem has not been fixed, it's severity has halved. I suspect the slide even though a mechanic at work who has repaired these cars since their lauch says i am barking up the wrong tree.
I have tested all the usuals, fuel pump, fuel pump and over-voltage relays, air-flow meter, coolant temp sensor, ignition leads, distributor and rotor button.
Any assistance/advice is well appreciated

Oh, I am a new subscriber but long time reader of this post and when i can find a reasonably priced m119 then the first right-hand drive 500E will be born!
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