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Today I was trying to change the light bulb(turn signal), so I disconnected the negative battery wire, after I've changed the light bulb, I put the negative battery wire back on battery. what had happen is when I started the engine and step on the gas, the battery,ASR and ABS indicator went on, and I couldn't accelerate except I step on the gas very hard, and the car was poping (it's like when I accelerted it, the car was keep going very little bit forward and the fuel cut off and go little bit and fuel cut off. no matter how many times i've tried)
Could anybody tell me why is like this, I just disconnected the battery and that's it.
And also when I turn my headlight on and step on the gas, the headlight burn out, I turn the fog light on, and accelerated it, the fog light also burn out.

my car is 1994 S500 (W140)


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