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0.75 amp draw after Climate control resolder

Last night I pulled the control button assembly out of the 300CE to resolder it . The system wouldn't shut off , a common problem and easy fix (most of the time so I understand). I thought the printed circuit board looked funny , most of the copper "connections" had a ripple in them , almost like they had delaminated from the board. I resoldered the buttons and the potentiometer, cleaned it up with a spray cleaner and put it back in. When I first tried to start the car it turned over very slowly and then caught and ran . I shut it off right away and tried again and it started normally . The 'fix' didn't make any difference except the blower on hi was blowing a lot stronger than it did before. I tried starting it a few more times after playing with the controls a bit more and again it was fine . This morning my wife went to go out and the car was dead.When I came home the battery voltage was 10.5 and it had a 0.71 amp draw with the key off.I put my charger on it and charged the battery while I ate dinner , came back to the shop and disconnected the charger and checked for a current draw again and I now read 0.75 amps . I disconnected the control , draw was still there , disconnected the Klima relay , draw was still there . I didn't have a problem before and now I've obviously got a short somewhere, anyone have a clue where to look next ? Thanks in advance.
P.S. I also tried disconnecting the aux heater pump with the same results.
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