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My dealer flat out refused to change the oil, citing that the computer knows when to change it, when it's dirty enough to need replacing, and that it will upset the other service intervals if I do. Here's the thing- in 10 years I wanna have the car running like my 89 300E with 240,000 miles does now, get it? Due to perceived quality issues with the car, I'm not sure it'll happen, but that's another rant. I'm thinking of calling MBUSA to get some answers from someone other than the head grease monkey at my dealer (no offense to anyone intended, I'm a dedicated DIY'er myself on all my cars...), but any one here got any advice??
BTW, they DID rotate and balance the tires (they said they balanced 'em, but they're brand new and show no unevenwear, no shaking, etc., so I think I was shammed), washed it (read: scratched the holy hell out of it), and maybe something else, for 80 bucks, without prior approval. Hmmm.
OK, rant over. Thanks.
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