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Help flushing AC system.. Of coures I searched..Please help..

Well my AC sytem is in a in a world of crap...To say the least.

To make a long story short (it's still long), I have no history on the car other than the fact that the person the worked on the AC previous to my ownership was a friggin idiot..

Went to evacuate, and re-charge the system yesterday.. The gauge (high, and low)readings were initially WAY to high, so we figured the system was overcharged. 50, and 400 or so.. At least it doesn't leak.

Before trying to recover the refrigerant, we took a sample, and the machine showed it to be about 50/50 r-12, and 134a.. All of the fittings were original r-12 type, and no stickers anywhere..

Now what do we do???? Was the question we both asked.

We decided to take a long shot.. evacuate, and recharge with 134A, (about 80%) and a little 134a compatible oil..With 93* outside, the best vent temps we could get was about 64*..

So I said.. Just suck the ***** back out, and I'll fix it like it should be.. After all, who knows what's in there now, could be half full of two different types of oil..

My plan is to flush the sysytem, replace the dryer, and charge with r-12.

I'm purchasing a flush gun from from ackits.. My question is, where are the best places to open the system, and flush?????

Obviously, I will have to remove the compressor, and the dryer.. Where else will I need to open the system to flush this thing????

Also, what other parts will I need???

Thanks in advance for any help..
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