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J. D. Powers Surveys Questionable

Every time I see a survey result such as J D Powers, I really question its legitimacy. You may say I am skeptical, but I look at this one and see only 55,000 surveys were recorded for ALL vehicle brands and models. Is this a legitimate statistical survey?

You also must consider the types of people that respond to such surveys. They typically are people who are fanatic about their vehicles, do not look at them at just transportation, and also have become irritated about some problem they have had. The more expensive the vehicle, the more irritated they become over some very minor squeak, rattle or imperfection.

Those of us who own Mercedes Benz automobiles know we buy them for the way they drive, their safety (both passive and active), their prestige (even when they are 20 years old) and the ability to get replacement parts over the counter when they are 25 years old (try that with an asian make).

Talk to a technician about the repairs on some of these trouble-free models and you will find that they are not as trouble-free as these surveys seem to reflect. I love those bright and beautiful instrument displays on the Lexus but they are prone to burn-out at $1.000 repair/replacement per instrument control. This compares to replacing a instrument cluster light bulb on a Mercedes. Try replacing the spark plugs along the firewall of a Lexus RX300 - you have to loosen the engine mounts and tip the engine forward. The list goes on.

One way I judge a brand is how a vehicle looks and stands up long term. I do not mean 3 years but 10, 15 even 20 years down the road. Look at some of those Lexus and Infiniti brands after that time period and you will see what I mean (if you can even find a Lexus or Infiniti after 15 years).

Well it is time to get off my soap-box and say sorry for the long post. Once you have driven a Mercedes it is hard to drive another brand -- it is that kind of driving experience. My wife says she would rather drive a used Mercedes that a new anything else. For those who need and apprecriate Mercedes lifetime roadside assistance program (even if you are not the original owner) that provides help in changing a tire, jump-starts and gas if you run out on a sign-and-drive basis, no other brand comes close.

When you look and consider the "total package" that a Merdedes Benz provides there is no reason to be driving anything else.

You can drive a car or you can drive a Benz, a car for a few years - a Benz for a lifetime.

1995 C280 - 78.000 miles
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