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I agree, overall the MB "Total Package" functions very well as long as the components keep functioning!! I believe that component failures like head haskets in the W124 and crankshaft balancer failures in the V-6's is a design issue.

As far as MB engineers cutting corners, I will give a few examples from the W124 model.

They went with the Strut front suspension instead of the more expensive multi-link. They did go with the multi-link in the rear but no limited-slip diff, which is very important for safety in a rear wheel drive car. The cooling system is adequate for the application but not overengineered to function properly for example in extreme conditions like in the death valley, same thing with the AC and the alternator. In snow, with headlights, seat heaters, front and rear fog lights, cell phone charger, windshield wipers, headlight wipers, and Slip Control etc. working, the instrument panel fuse blew. The electrical system could not handle the load. MB engineers choose the recirculating ball, instead of the Rack and Pinion setup. Although the former functions very well. Other minor things like tilt/telescope steering, keyless entry and a larger fuel tank (25 gallon) would have cost more but increased customer comfort and satisfaction.

The above could be forgiven in other vehicles but not in an MB!! MB has addressed most of the items listed above in the newer vehicles but they have made compromises in other area's like build quality and materials. Which is worse.
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