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For many, many years, I bought Cadillacs that had 100,000 miles on them, drove them easy an additional 50,000 miles with practically NO repairs except an occassional brake reline or rear axle bearing- non of which cost any money to speak of and only had to replace these old junkers(and believe me they were junkers) because I either smashed into someone and the insurance company totalled it(after all the most I ever paid was$800-usually $500) or I was hit. The insurance company would give me on average $2500- so I made out. I did this over and over. BTW, never was injured even in huge car pileup on freeway. ALL for $500-$800. From the threads I see here looks like most people are shelling out the big bucks OFTEN to keep these MB on the road.What can you expect from a used $800 car anyway? How much service do you have to get for your money. The Cadillacs which you are so eager to disparage never left me stranded. Not bad for junkers! Now I would probably shift the term junker to the MB marque based on these reports. What do you think?
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