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I like your idea larry of letting it sit draining overnight to get out some of the sludge build up. I havent yet hit my 3000 mile mark for my first oil change since I got my car, but When I do is there a specific oil you would recommend. I'm not asking about the brand, mobil 1 seems to be oil of choice, so what I am looking for is the weight.

I live in Los Angeles, which is generally sunny and warm all year round, but it can get cold (at least for my warm blooded self) at night.

In my previous cars, when I did my own oil changes, I would usually use 20w-50. do you recommend using 20w-50 or should I go with something a little lighter? maybe 10w-40 or something else?

Would really help to know what the recomended oil type to use is. I don't plan on using full synthetic, but I am planning on using 1 quart of synthetic at first, going to 2 quarts the next time, 3 after that etc, until I have gone to full synthetic. Do you recommend this, or should I just toss in full synthetic from the start?

My head has a tiny tiny leak in it, and I dont want to have it start leaking more because I used all synthetic without letting it condition the gasket first.

I'm an amateur DIY'er, and I try to tackle the basics as much as possible.

yes i do know i can run down to a jiffy lube or somwhere to get an oil change done for like $20 but I don't trust that they will use the brand of oil I want or the factory filter element.

I have to stop by the dealer anyway to pick up a new piece of carpet for my center console which had the factory phone, but I took that out as I dont use analog phones or airtouch service. so I want to replace the carpet with a new piece which hasnt been massacred for the phone installation. I'll pick up the necessary wrench and filter while I am there.

Is there anything special I should do when changing the oil? I plan on letting it sit overnight and most of the day the next day with the drain plug out, should I remove the oil filter as well to aid in the draining or should I just wait until I am ready to put the plug back in and then take it out.

also how much oil should I put in the car afterI do the oil change. how many quarts should I put in before I start to check the level to make sure its within operating range.

also after I have changed the oil, should I run the car for a little while then check the level again to make sure it is within operating parameters?

I have no maintenenace history on my car past 60k miles, and it has 78k now. I just got the car a few weeks ago, and am eager to change the oil.

I am also planning on getting the tranny fluid and filter changed soon, is there a specific trannny fluid that you recommend?

Thanks for any advise.


BTW Have I ever written a post on this board that wasn't excessively long? LOL

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