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thanks for the response. i usually use castrol in my cars as I dont trust other brands, except when on the road and you need the oil.. then i trust just about any brand as I'd rather have somethingin there than nothing..

20-50 is what I will use then and I wont go to synthetic. Since I have no maintenance history on this car for the last lets say 20k miles, I would definately like to drain it overnight to try to get even the slightest bit of sludge out of it if there is any.

i usually don't drive much on the weekends or during the week unless my appointment schedule fills up. If My schedule is empty, I basically drive the 7 miles to work and back, roughly a 15 minute drive for me each way if I go the speed limit, though since i got the benz, my speed limit has gone from the speed limit to around 20 mph over it. hehe

There has to be something said for a well engineered german car. You feel like you are doing 30 when you are doing 70. in my jeep if i was doing 70 I felt like i was doing 100. hehe

mercedes to me is truly one of the best automobiles built, and I'm not talking about the reliability, but about the driveability.

I was looking at 92-95 BMW 325IS's versus the mercedes 300CE. After driving the 300CE, and then driving some BMW's, i came to the conclusion that the mercedes is a much more substantial car.

The doors on the BMW felt weak and light, not solid at all. the car itself drives nice, but it just doen't have the solid feeling a benz will give you. sure the BMW is quicker off the line and handles better, but I like knowing that when my car was new, the previous owner paid 60k for it, while the BMW was a max of 35k when new. perhaps its also about the price i got my car for, roughly 6k below blue book value for the milage / condition of the car.

My interior is almost spotless, apart from the piping on the center armrest, which was cracked on every 300ce I looked at, and some minor cracks in the finish on the wood, which i could care less about right now as i am more into driving it. the body has no dents, but a few small marks in it, and the car was repainted with a custom paintjob. All this contributed to my buying the car for less. I could have gotten a 90 or 91 for 18-20k, but with more milage on them. Mine has the newer steering wheel on it which I like better than the pre 92 steering wheels, and it has 78k miles on it and drives like a dream. all in all, I can say that the price i paid, was low for the car. basically I paid $14,500 but with tax and licensing it comes in at about $16,500. Still a hell of a price for the car, and I have always loved the mercedes coupes.

i debated getting a 560SEC over the 300Ce, but decided I didn't want a flagship, I wanted a mid sized car, and the 300Ce is theonly one that fit the bill.

In anycase, I plan on doing frequent oil changes rougly every 3000 miles or less, depending on when I have the time, though I dont work on weekends unless I have to, so i usually have timeon sat and sunday to do it.

i don't plan on doing all the maintenenace on my car, but I do plan on doing the basics, brakes, oil, plugs etc when needed.

Changing the tranny fluid is also something I dont want to mess with, I hate dealing with gaskets and sealants. I prefer leaving that up to the pro's. plus I'm more than likely to botch of the gasket installation.

i did rebuild the Stromberg carb on my MBG, but that was simple as all I had to do was replace the oil diapragm, a $14 part. My mechanic at the time for the MGB walked me through it over the phone in about 20 minutes.

in anycase, another book has been written, so I'm gonna shut up for a few hours while I go take care of some appointments I have.

thanks for the info.

Knowledge is power!


p.S. my spelling isn't as bad as it seems, its just that when I type I don't use a standard method, my fingers go all over the place, and sometimes I hit the space bar early or late hehehe. I also don't always proofread.

'92 300CE
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