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'95 E320 operating temperature

I have what I feel is an issue with my car running to hot. For a while now the gauge always seems to go high and run around the 3rd tick. I never hear the fans turn on, and if god forbid I turn the A/C on then forget about it, the temp will run above the 3rd bar and I get freaked and turn it off. This is all in seattle weather around 60F. Lately we've had some 85-95F days and I can't even drive it. Even while I'm driving 45mph on a local road without stops, the gauge has gone near the 120 tick with the A/C off and I pull over and the fans are never running, ever.

I took the car to a local shop when it was 80F and they ran it all day and plugged their snap on machine with the latest module and the said the car ran perfect for them and the fans turned on at 107C per spec, so they couldn't get it to overheat. They even blocked the radiator in the front. They even replaced the thermostat again (i had it replaced a year ago), and flushed the coolant. I know they do basic tune-ups on benzes, but as far as they are concerned the car works per specs and they aren't familiar enough with what the temp needle should be at during normal operating temperatures. AGain, when this is all happening I am not driving hard like I usually do, so for test's sake I drive it normally.

I called Barrier, Phil smart, and other benz shops. They all say the same, normal operating temperature should be around 90C except for real hot weather of 85F+ days.

I'd love to hear from some here who either have the same car as me, or work on them and know exactly what I should be experiencing. Ask me any more questions you need so we can narrow this down before I take it to Barrier and get raped blindly.

The pix below was taken this morning when it was 60F. I started the car, let it run for about 4 min, then went for a normal 10 min drive stop and go at stop lights occasionally flooring it. When I went fast and the cool air hit the front, the temp gauge was between the 80 and the 3rd tick which to me is normal. I then let the car idle in Park for about 15 min, which by then was 61F. You can see the temp below. Any possibility the temp gauge itself is wrong? I open the hood and the hood itself is burning and the engine is just super hot, again with only 60F. Imagine when it's 85-90F outside
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