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Well like I said if my schedule is clear my drive is 7 miles to work. otherwise I am going all over the place, around the whole city.

You also forget this is LA... Didn't ya see the movie LA Story? hehe Its all true I tell ya

Actually I have to have my car with me as if I have nothing scheduled, I need to be able to leave when someone calls in for repairs.

I'm an independent computer consultant/technician/Internet Consultant/Web Designer.

My job requires me to be out and about servicing my clients with on site service, or at meetings for projects.

So When I say my drive to work is only 7 miles, thats if I drive straight there.

I live in the canyons, so I have other routes that I call the scenic route, which can take me an hour to get to work if I want. But I do run all over the place during the day. Some of my suppliers require long trips, and some of my clients require long trips.

Thats about it.


I'm really just looking for the best oil weight, type, and way to change the oil is. I've done oil changes on my other cars, so the know how isn't the problem, its the sspecial little tricks that people have that I'm looking for.

Things like Larry bible says, which is change it hot, change it often, is something that I think is a great thing to know, and also about the overnight draining to aid in getting out the sludge.

Anyway you look at it, changing it more frequently is what I plan on doing. I want to keep this car for as long as possible, and since I have no idea how well the previous owner took care of it, I want to make sure the car will be treated properly from now on.


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