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I'm making more discoveries all the time. I changed my oil at home Monday night. I drained it for an hour with the filter out, and replaced filter and poured in eight quarts of 10W30 Mobil One. The first time I've ever used it.

I spoke with my old friend who is a tech where I bought it. I did not know that ALL service is paid for by them except tires and brake pads. Oil changes, however, are at the FSS interval or with dino oil. I did not know that. I guess I'm dumb, but I did not know that preventive maintenance is free during warranty period. Also, if I bring my Mobil One, that's what they will use when the service is on them.

They use a topsider to change the oil. So some of my oil changes during the warranty period will not be thorough drain while hot type changes as I do.

The other good news was that he said that when the mileage gets near the end of the warranty, that he and I will put it on his rack and go over the car with a fine tooth comb.

Steve Brotherton recommended a few days ago that you get to know your tech, and that knowing him is more important than knowing the dealer. I think he's right on the money on this one, as he always is.

BTW. My FSS distance to service mileage seemed to increase just a little after the oil change. Evidently, the resistivity instrument sees clearer oil.

Best of luck,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

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