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Sounds like some of you may be unhappy with your decision to purchase a Mercedes Benz product and all I can say for you is to count your losses and move on to what you consider to be a better purchase decision. There are many of us who have owned more than one Mercedes product and have enjoyed driving them for many years/miles. We are very happy with our decisions and would not consider owning another brand.

For those of you who are looking at cost-of-ownership, it is not just the repair bills that make up the total cost of ownership. To truly compare cars total cost-of-ownership you must include depreciation costs, cost-of-money, and repair/maintainenance costs. gives you a good example of true cost per mile figures. If you want low cost per mile expenses, then I would suggest you buy a less expensive car since this will result in low cost per mile. You would not buy a Mercedes if all you cared about was cost-per-mile expenses.

This forum is to help others who take pride of ownership in their Mercedes Benz automobiles and to allow them to help each other in resolving questions/issues they have. It is not to complain about a vehicle that you wish you had not purchased and no longer care to own. I suggest you find another sounding board for your "sour grapes" and would hope you make better use of your time trying to find a car that meets your requirements.
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